Your jewelry will never leave the store at Clayton Jewelers!  All of our repairs and services are performed in our shop.  Owner, Steven Paige, will work on your jewelry personally.  Steven is one the most experienced and talented jewelers in St. Louis.  If you have had problems with loose gemstones, or diamonds falling out of the setting, bring it here.  We will correct the problem, not just provide a temporary fix. 

Many repairs will be performed while you wait, or in just a few days. 

Do you have jewelry or a fine watch that needs refinishing?  You will be surprised at the difference of having a jeweler refinish your jewelry like new, as opposed to just having it buffed and cleaned.


When you need fine jewelry repaired, the best solution is to take it to a qualified jeweler. Steven Paige is a jeweler, and he both owns and operates Clayton Jewelers. He has repaired many pieces of jewelry over the years and welcomes you to bring any broken item to his local jewelry store for an amazing result.

Jewelry Repair

Nothing is more devastating than your favorite piece of jewelry or a treasured family heirloom breaking. Fortunately, Steven has a wide array of metals, gemstones and other materials available to remedy any problem. He can replace lost gemstones, fix broken prongs and fix broken bands. When he finishes repairing your jewelry, it will look as good as new. His techniques make any repairs inconspicuous, and our store will even clean and polish your jewelry before returning it to you.

Watch Refinishing

If you have a favorite watch that is showing its age or is cosmetically damaged, Steven can make it look new again. Perhaps the crystal is scratched or dull. Maybe you need a new bezel or a want loose gemstones on the face to be glued back in place. Steven can also replace pins, links and straps. If you need the back pried off safely from a delicate watch to change the battery, we can help with this as well.

Most jewelry repair tasks are completed while you wait. However, some may take a few days. We assure you that your jewelry never leaves our store and is always kept secure while in our care. Clayton Jewelers welcomes you to come visit our jewelry store and see why people all over the Saint Louis metro area have been bringing their broken jewelry to Steven for many years. We are located at 143 Carondelet Plaza in Clayton.