The photo above, shows a vintage style engagement ring we recently made.  The customer had already been to several stores, including one who claimed to be able to make the ring for her.  Unfortunately they would not, or could not, make what she asked for.  She wanted an antiqued ring with pierced scroll work, and they were making a solid ring with engraving.   At Clayton Jewelers, owner Steven Paige is a "True Jeweler!"  We are able to work in all styles and materials, manufacturing the special item you are looking for, all in our store.  I assured her that we would make HER ring!  She drew sketches for me and described in detail what she wanted her ring to look like.  We made it for her just as she imagined.  After her fiancée presesnted the ring to her she sent me a text saying, "Oh my!!  I absolutely love it!!!  It couldn't be more perfect!"

Well, it was perfect, because SHE designed it!  Custom jewelry design is our specialty at Clayton Jewelers.  See us soon in front of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel!

In opening Clayton Jewelers, there is nothing I look forward to more than working with customers to create something special just for them.

Owner, Steven Paige, has been doing just that in St. Louis for more than twenty years.   Bring in your sketches, web pages, ideas and dreams.  We will make them happen!  Depending on the design, Steven will use CAD/CAM technology, wax sculpting, or fabrication to create the piece.  You can be involved through the entire process if you wish.  Unlike stores that email sketches to manufacturers in other states, we can show the piece to you as it develops.  You will be assured that the finished piece of jewelry will be exactly what you had hoped for; something extraordinary!

Custom jewelry design is much more than many jewelers would like you to believe.  It isn’t going to a website and pasting photos of gems onto settings.  It isn’t going into a store and selecting a mounting for a gem.  At Clayton Jewelers, custom jewelry design means creating something truly unique and special…for you.

The couple that ordered this ring wanted an interesting diamond ring for her to wear on her right hand.    After discussing several options, they decided on a pear-shape diamond ring in an antique style.   They liked engraving and bead work details.  Then, we encouraged them to consider more possibilities.  This led to several sentimental ideas that were incorporated into the design as well.

The outside border contains twenty-two diamonds; their lucky number.  They suggested two hearts for their love, and fleurs-de-lis as symbols of their faith. 

We also were able to design the ring with four interchangeable centers!  The customer can easily change the five center gems from Diamonds, to Pink Sapphires, to Yellow Diamonds, and even Emeralds.

This is custom jewelry!